About Apply Houston


Apply Houston is a partnership between multiple public charter school networks which streamlines the K-12 school application process for parents.

Thanks to a shared application process, parents can apply to any or all of the Apply Houston schools at once, simplifying the application process for busy parents who are looking for school options.

The Apply Houston application opens for all Houston students on November 1. Parents have until February 10 to select and submit their application. Each school has control of their own enrollment process, and will notify parents directly with their application’s status in the Spring.

Apply Houston’s participating open enrollment charter schools are: A Plus Unlimited Potential, KIPP Houston Public Schools, Promise Community Schools, YES Prep Public Schools, Etoile Academy, Bloom Academy, Neighborhood Schools, The Lawson Academy and ResponsiveEd with support from school choice non-profit organization Families Empowered.

Parents looking for more school options — including those schools not currently using the Apply Houston application — can find more school options by visiting FamiliesEmpowered.org.


Apply Houston’s partners